Riesling Italic wine - Olaszrizling

Approximately 90% Riesling Italic, the remaining 10% that joins the batch are varietals similar to the typical small-berried, curly clusters of the Riesling Italic. After a few glasses of harvest wine, the resemblance is uncanny, and yet they are not quite the same. A truly rich white wine which carries the classic almond and walnut notes of the Riesling Italic. Due to the primary fermentation, it delights with exciting sweet shortbread and spicy scents. Thanks to the sheltered area of ​​the vineyard and its large number of sunny days, we usually harvest it with generous sugar content that ferments at about 13.5-15° alcohol content. This grape varietal adores the area, providing exceptional wines year after year.


Not unlike the Riesling, Szürkebarát is another native and very popular grape varietal around Lake Balaton, for which the terroir provides perfect conditions for its completion. This varietal, which is generally modest in taste and fragrance, flourishes in our winery. Soaking with its dark brown skin for several hours (pre-fermentation maceration) gives a golden-brown colour, and is also characterised by its unique fruit bread fragrance, rich aromas, long finish, and high alcohol content. In special vintages, small quantities are also matured in wooden barrels. Interestingly, almost every year a ‘hybrid’ Szürkebarát is also born on one of the grapevines, i.e. on the same bunch, there are perfectly light as well as classic dark brown berries.

Pinot Gris wine - Szürkebarát


Cimbora Cuvée white wine

Mostly a blend of Tramini and Muscat Ottonel with a hint of Chasselas. It is an extremely fragrant wine with a medium body, vibrant acidity, unique and elegant palate. Like all our wines, it has a higher alcohol content than usual (14.5° in 2019). The name Cimbora (means pal/friend in Hungarian), was chosen in honour of my father, who would sing the song “Cimbora, I take half a cup for you!…” with the guests after each tasting in the wine cellar. “…I wish you a looooong life!”


In the case of rosé wines, we opt for a richer flavour and a fuller and more colourful extract. The wine is made from a selection of our most beautiful blue grapes. The grape is gently pressed into an inox barrel after 3-5 hours of maceration between the skins and must. After the primary fermentation, an intense strawberry, raspberry scent, and complex flavours are created. We recommend drinking it straight, but it is also delightful in the summer heat mixed with soda water, as a spritzer (Fröccs). It has a longer consumption potential than average rosés. Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Bluefrankish, Zweigelt.

Rose wine


Siller wine - Hungaricum

Hungarian specialty: Hungaricum; halfway between rosé and red wine. In our experience, being soaked with its skin for 30-40 hours brings out the best of it. Like rosé, it is made from a selection of our most beautiful blue grapes. Depending on the vintage, the fragrance is characterised by fruit explosion and/or spice varieties, occasionally with gentle vanilla notes (reductive!). With its particularly elegant structure, this wine is my personal favourite. Made in small batches, I recommend it to wine connoisseurs and gourmets. Contrary to the classic recommendations, I suggest drinking at a temperature that usually suits lighter red wines. In my opinion, it shows its prime at around 15-17 °C. Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Bluefrankish, Zweigelt.


Year after year, it dazzles and delivers something new and unique. A versatile wine, depending on the vintage, can show lovely fresh fruity notes with a lighter texture or a fuller palate with jam, cocoa, dark chocolate, long finish, and high alcohol content. During soaking with its skin for 10-14 days, fermentation begins spontaneously and ends in inox barrels. It is only produced oxidatively in very special vintages and this is done after only a few weeks or months of maturation. Available in very small quantities with a limited number of bottles. Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Bluefrankish, Zweigelt.

Old Hill Cuvée red wine